Thursday, 21 April 2011


Here's 3 great shots capturing some of the masses who ventured down to the city centre to cheer on the runners taking part in the 2nd Dundee Marathon on 29th April 1984.
The top image is the City Square which was used as a base-camp during the event. I don't know who the band is, but I'm sure someone will be able to fill in the details on that. What I can tell you though is that the yellow poster in the background is for Cannon & Ball who were appearing at the Caird Hall the following week.
Middle picture is a view along the Nethergate towards the finish line.
The bottom photo is of Don MacGregor, the ex Olympic athlete who won the Dundee Marathon for the 2nd year running! (couldn't resist that wee pun!)
If you want to have a nose around the crowds to see if you can spot someone you know, just give them a click to enlarge.
Photos by Neale Elder.


  1. I can remember the City Square band playing something quite sophisticated during their set. Can't recall exactly what it was now, but it was something like "2001 A Space Odyssey" or "Fanfare For The Common Man". I was rather impressed!
    They definitely did play the well known Vangelis tune "Chariots Of Fire".
    Also, if you zoom into the chimney pots area in the middle photo, you can still make out the original "Russell's Royal Hotel" sign that goes way back to ancient times.

  2. Don MacGregor was my teacher at school. He is a great bloke. Anyone who let you, aged 16, slope off to the pub on our exchange visit to Germany is alright by me. I'm still in touch with him to this day.

  3. i think the band is The Tayport Instrumental

  4. Are you sure that's not Eric Morecambe? :-)

    Seriously, fantastic pics. Nice to see the old Overgate shops/Angus Hotel in shot, the red phoneboxes, and not forgetting the demi-wave perms - and that's just on the blokes!

  5. I remember the 2nd Marathon very well..I finished in 184th position having a time of 3hrs and 9mins...

  6. It was a great day the people lining the streets were fantastic this was my 4th marathon i ran the one the previous year plus the edinburgh and the aberdeen done them in three hours 15 but this one was special as i broke the 3 hour mark 2.56.57 i will never forget it. Paul crosbie st.andrews fife