Tuesday, 26 April 2011


This'll take you back...
Children's Own Corner, in the Tele on a daily basis sharing the page with a short story, a crossword and a cartoon strip.
The thing about Aunt Joan's birthday greetings was you wanted to see your name in the paper when you were 8, but not when you were 13 - or beware the playground taunts! I bet loads of kids moaned to their parents for putting their name in when they reached that age. I mean, you were a teenager now, no a bairn!
Anyway, if you know someone who has a birthday on 14th January then you may be lucky enough to spot their name in this example above which was published on Friday, 14th January 1972.
So, I've managed to complete the Word Diamond and Riddle-Me-Ree ok, that just leaves me to put the Colouring Picture into Photoshop now and get the Fill Bucket out!
Click item to enlarge if you can't read it as it is.

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