Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Here's what happened one day when The Bothy frazzled their toasties!
The Bothy, up the Conshie, was also called The Bread, a shortened version of it's posher name, The Breadalbane Arms.
Some people also called it The Howff, and you can see The Howff's name in the pictures. The Howff being the restaurant part of the establishment.
This fire took place in the 80's - and it wasn't the only one they had!
I think I know what they did with the insurance money too - they bought a gigantic pot of yellow paint (see the photo I featured on an earlier post)
All this smoke is making me feel a bit parched.
Oh eh ken - time for another retro pub crawl!
Photos by The Bear.


  1. Caused by a faulty thermostat in a deep fat fryer.

  2. Dundee's premier 1970's hippy pub.
    Compulsory attire, cheesecloth shirt, flared wranglers and dessy bates.
    Afghan coat optional.
    Faint wiff of Patchouli oil, tendency to giggle out of context .
    Dislike of soul music except Stevie Wonder and AWB (natch).

  3. Can't remember her name now, Elaine or Sandra?, but the lassie behind the bar downstairs made brilliant toasties.
    Cheese & ham with onions.
    For some reason, they tasted better there than other places.

  4. Is that all there is to a fire?

  5. Disco upstairs , Fri/Sat nights, drug squad enter, DJ turns on blue spinning light, nice touch :-) Jumbo in the bogs sellin gear to 16 year aulds headin to the Bowlin' Alley to play Freebird on the juke box all night . yip, happy times :-)

  6. anyone for a pint of Green Monster? That was my happy hour birthday drink upstairs. I seem to remeber someone mentioning that the Housemartins Happy Hour video looked just like it.

  7. The chard remains still exist....hidden awa ahent the big timber sign!

  8. who burnt it down then?

  9. Spent many a wild Saturday night back in the 70s playing folk music in the back room