Sunday 7 November 2010


William Lane ran from Victoria Road down to King Street.
It consisted mainly of the steps in the photo, although there was a wee bit of road at the bottom of the lane before reaching King Street.
The building on the left of the steps photo (or to the right of the billboards on the top photo) was a stone engravers called Carnegie & Son. It's a place I remember passing on the bus regularly as a youngster because it's window display was made up of gravestones. No need to stop off there with your pocket money!
You can consult yesterdays map to find the location of William Lane. It was to the left of Dens brae, opposite Wellington Street.
I checked Google's satellite map, and if you zoom into the area you can still see the ghost of the steps showing through from the undergrowth.


  1. Mire great images. Cheers.

  2. Or should I say MORE!

  3. There's a school of thought with certain local historians that Dundee's famous "Beefcan Close" was connected to the William Lane steps.
    I have the song in my collection.
    I'll have to put it up one day.

  4. I Used to work for charlie grays building the wellgate houses in the 70s as a chain boy 'engineers assistant' and labourer. and as we cleared the area under the south side of the Vicky from about Nelson st to Wellington st to put in founds for the brick retaining wall we uncovered three wells that had been covered with railway sleepers one which would have been just at the side of the lane. I think the ghost lane on google is the east steps/path from the fenced in play area which was a bit of an after thought to keep the guys in work till the next job came through - monifieth high school in most cases. the whole east half of the site had to be moved south as the large concrete retaining wall of St Margarets home had been built at the wrong angle to Kings st The Bear

  5. There was a police raid in 1936 on a hall in William lane owned by my Grandfather. My father who was 21 at the time was fined £1 for allowing unlicensed dancing, including an eightsome reel! Shameful eh? :-)

  6. Was looking for parkers court