Friday 12 November 2010


When your time's up, it's time to depart, and Timex's time at Milton of Craigie ended in the 1980's after around 3 decades of having a presence there.
This photo taken at the tail end of the 80's, shows where the Timex factory once stood, looking over the barren ground to Douglas Road, with Longtown Road to the left.
Shortly afterwards, it was ASDA's turn to keep the area ticking over!
Big thanks to Ecky.

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  1. i remember taking pics of the sit in and interviewing the shopstewards through the gate for 'Newsline' (trotskyist daily of the time). Raymond Mennie being one of the more distasteful adventurers inside. unfortunately all negs etc were sent to headquarters for interogation so Ive nae pics o'it. :~)