Friday, 5 November 2010


I still have a small batch of photos remaining that my brother took in the early 70's around the city centre area, so thought I'd drop them in over the next few days.
Starting with this one here of 2 Trojan bulldozers shifting the rubble in Victoria Road.
No safety gear in these days, with the guy nearest wearing only a floppy hat! No dust masks either, so unless they had their hankies tied around their faces like we did as kids playing cowboys, then the 2 drivers would probably have pretty dusty lungs at the end of their shift!
There are quite a few photos from this period scattered around Retro, so if you want a wee reminder of how Victoria Road looked before/during & after demolition, there are a chunk of images to be found in the Retro June 2009 Archives.


  1. Love that photo...sad, but stunning image.

  2. your right about health & safety, that guy shouldn't be allowed to smoke while operating that bulldozer ;)=~

  3. would that be about the bottom of bonnybank road or further down ?

  4. I really can't say for certain which part of the Vicky is being cleared in this shot, but I think your guess wouldn't be too far off the mark.