Wednesday, 3 November 2010


There was a wee twist on The Scottish Play when Betty & Boaby presented their version of "MacBeth" at Dundee Rep in Jan/Feb 1988.
Betty being Elaine C Smith, and Boaby played by Tony Roper.
Both Elaine and Tony are well known Scottish celebs now, but Tony has been acting on stage in Dundee since at least the 70's, appearing at the Rep when it was still in Lochee Road, in plays such as - A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE - THE RECRUITING OFFICER and THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST.
He also directed a play at Lochee Rep back in 1977 - AN INSPECTOR CALLS - so he's no stranger to the city.
Local mag, Street Life, managed to have a wee chat with Elaine when she was at the Rep doing B&B's MacBeth, and the items above were the first of a 2 part interview spread over a couple of issues of the magazine in 1988.
It also contains a review of the play - and judging by the write-up, it sounded a bit of a hoot!
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