Friday 26 November 2010


This is a picture of Dundee band, The Poor Souls, photographed in 1965.
It's a typical kind of publicity shot, which cropped up in a national music magazine - and at the time of the photo, the band were promoting their debut single released on Decca, which I have already featured on Retro.
Under it, is a typical gig the band would be playing at that time too - this one at the Masonic Hall, Crieff, in September 1965.
However, this show was not your typical night out with the band, because during their performance, and incident happened in which main man, Doug Martin, ended up later, being fined for assault!
Their van was also vandalised after the gig.
No encore that night then!
Anyway, I thought I'd take this opportunity to play another track of theirs, this time from 1966 and on Dundee's own label - ALP Records.
So here's Thi Pare Sowls with the B-side of the single, a track called "Please Don't Change Your Mind".


  1. Great wee tune


  2. Just thought to google old Dundee but cant locate the a side of the Poorsouls record. I'd love to hear this again-can you post it?

  3. Chic says...Hello...
    That's me playin the guitar, piano and back-up vocals...Great times with Dougie and the boys.

    p.s. that's me 2nd from the left!