Monday 29 November 2010


This rather clear-headed account of a Vex gig, appeared in an issue of Voice fanzine in 1982.
You may recall in an earlier item when they played in Newport they decided to call themselves Mass on the night, well for this do down at the Tayside Bar they opted to be The Death Cult.
The line-up had Ewan on violin, Gary Kidgell and Gail doing vocals, Mike Kane playing bass, and the good old drum machine providing the beats.
There seems to have been a touch of performance art type of behaviour to their show, some of which didn't go down very well!
Anyway, still sounds like a better evening than Tiffanys!
Unfortunately, as you can see by the grainy images, the Xerox machine was a bit hit & miss for this issue, and manages to cut off the final sentence in the review.
It reads - "Last word goes to Al of Waiter Waiter who said it's still one of........." then it fades out at that bit, which is annoying.
In fact, maybe it wasn't the Xerox machine, it might have been the work of Vex!!


  1. WTF has happened to the boys face ?

  2. I think its just a bad photocopy !
    I had totally forgot about this night, it was a "one off" with that line up and as for "rehearsed" are you kidding ? I often had no idea what ewan would even be playing at gigs. (this continued in Novus)
    We reverted back to Vex after realizing the southern death cult had just released a single and it was a complete coincidence us picking that name, just as was "Flux of Pink Indians" making me change my earlier band from FLUX!
    The review was in "The Voice" which was my fanzine but cant remember who wrote the review , Craig ? Steve ? I have no idea!