Saturday 20 November 2010


2 wee bits of info on Dundee band The Megazones.
They brought out this vinyl single in 1980 - A side was called "Never Been So Lonely" and the flip was "Circles".
Unfortunately, the record has escaped my clutches, so if anyone has an MP3 version of it you can pass on to me, I could put the audio up on Retro later and that would help put a sound to their name.
Meanwhile, the following year, The Megazones played their final gig at the Barracuda.
This short review of the evenings event was written by accomplished alliteration aficionado, Rikki Rimshot, and appeared in the first issue of Cranked Up.
There is mention of the possibility that the band may resurface later with new band members, but having looked through all the local fanzines I have from 1981/82/83, The Megazones name doesn't crop up afterwards, so I think this gig probably was the last thing they did.
A little footnote - I know there is also a recording of a collaboration with Megazones man, Jim Farrell and ex Scrotum Poler Craig Methven, but again, I haven't been able to get my mitts on that either yet.
So you never know, there may be more to come on The Megazones and related material, in the New Year.
The large version of the review will be easier to read - just give it a click. 


  1. I was at school (st saviors) with one of the megazones , think it was cliff , sure he was a christian (not a criticism just a memory !!) anyone have a surname for him ? it was a long time ago and I cant remember !!

  2. I think your right Mike, i remember a few of them being a bit churchy. not quite the Osmonds but close enough, i saw one of them drink beer once.

  3. .
    Cliff's surname was Smith.
    I worked with him in Claude Alexander in the Overgate, late 70s, when the band was getting together. I'm sure he came from Douglas.
    He gave me a copy of the single, which I have somewhere but can't lay my hands on it at the moment.

  4. @VEX The band memeber that you are referring too is Jim Farrell,he is still a singer song writer and in 1998 released a solo album "Because" with eulogia studios which was a christian album. He is currently worship leader at his local church and teaching guitar, aswell as raising 8 children!

  5. Cliff (Smith) McAulay3 May 2011 at 04:00

    I was that soldier, I mean that Megazone.
    The thing I remember about the original (non clubbie) bands in Dundee in the seventies,
    was that they all seemed to be either at teachers training college, or working for DC Thompson’s. Whereas, in the Megazones we had three trainee singer/songwriters living off whatever money we could make from our pub, and club gigs.
    Although, our drummers Ken Farquarson, and Kenny Devlin, had respectively, a university place, and a good job.
    This is why we played at seemingly unsuitable venues like the Barracuda (they paid us if I remember, 15 pounds each!). Come to think about it, we played anywhere, from the Windmill, the kettledrum, the Forfar athletic club, Camperdown park, the Old steeple.
    Basically, anywhere we could get a couple of quid.
    Unlike the (quite) middle class, (read Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie.) band scene then,
    we were from Fintry (me),Mid Craigie (Jim Farrell), and Charleston (Iain Carnegie).
    I was at school (St Saviours) with Jim Farrell, and started making music with him when we were about 14 (he played trumpet, I played trombone). I had met Iain Carnegie while I was sweeping the floor of the ‘Manhattan’ jute mill, he was a spinner. He was 18 , I was 17.
    Going to London and getting a record out, was our big goal. So, two years later, when we heard our single ‘Never been so lonely’ on Radio one, Iain Carnegie and I jumped around his Mums place in Charleston for ages!
    Yup, Jim Farrell and me were spiritual guys, that to us was (and still is, I suppose) a prerequisite for a creative life. I ran the gamut of all the spiritual stuff available at that time in Dundee, Catholicism, The Salvation army, and even the Moonies!
    It was so sad when Iain started having muscular pains, and that he was unable to continue in The Megazones. He was a brilliant guitarist, and a very funny guy. I often wonder how he is doing.
    At our farewell gig in the Barracuda (remember the 15 quid!), the intrepid reporter was so keen on a self name check, that he neglected to mention the presence of the late great Billy Mackenzie. I remember, he said he liked our song ‘Round and Round’ which contained the lines ”Im so busy dancing here, party fun and party fears” .
    Anyway, from such things are memories made.
    Although we had decided to carry on when Iain left, I decided to head to England, and try to make a life as a jobbing muso.
    30 years later, here in Australia, I’m still that jobbing muso.
    All the best to everyone, thanks for the memories.
    Cliff (Smith) McAulay - Bass Megazone-

  6. seen the megazones at camperdown easter rock concert. here is my top 10 meg songs 1 never been so lonely
    2 shes late
    3 deborah
    4 check with me tomorrow
    5 its looking good
    6 trouble
    7 circles
    8 all around me
    9 now is the time
    10 stay alive

  7. Hello Retro Dundonians.
    Have just posted some Megazone trax on youtube.
    Yeah I know. Ive got too much time on my hands.. onyway I hope you enjoy.Ive just seen them, now I feel ancient!
    Or type in The Megazones.
    All the best..
    Cliff McAulay (bass Megazone)

  8. heres a photo taken by Ken Cummings
    featuring the Megazones at Camperdown Park Dundee.

  9. see the megazones perform two thirds of trouble live at camperdown park dundee on youtube type in the megazones at camperdown park

  10. see all 4 camperdown pics + 4 of Kev Devlin at Flickrs.

  11. Heres 4 more megapics,type in, The Megazones Dundee, at flickrs.

  12. Iain Carnegie Dundee23 September 2013 at 07:11

    Due to unforseen circumstances the NEW SEPTEMBER 2013 version of ANOTHER WORLD was unintentially omitted from the Wed 18 Sept 2013 Another World song posting on You Tube. This NEW + OFFICIALLY AMENDED lyric version made by Another World Songwriter Iain Carnegie Dundee is as follows...

    chorus no.1 Another world must be better another girl the sooner i get her its a bad old world when you cant feel right every day and every ni--i---ite every day and every ni---i---ite

    Verse one I hope i meet you in another world just some girl to share my times ive lost my identity cant you see there must be a girl like you for me ee---ee ee---ee ee---ee
    Verse two Theres something far wrong but im past caring the people that matter just think im complaining but time will tell and i cant wait to look them in the eye and then just tell the---em eh---em eh---em eh---em
    Chorus no.1 Another world must be better another girl the sooner i get her its a bad old world when you cant feel right every day and every ni---i---ite everyday and every ni---i---ite
    Guitar solo over chords for verse

    Verse two Repeat

    Chorus no.2 Another world and its far better another girl and it feels like heaven i look at the stars and i wonder why
    why ive had to wait so lo---o---ong
    why ive had to wait so lo---o---ong
    why ive had to wait so lo---o---ong.

    Signed by Iain Carnegie Dundee.

    Trouble Maybe tomorrow + All around me are all songs by Jim Farrell and Cliff Smith. Another world by Iain Carnegie Dundee.

    Drums on all four 18 September 2013 Megazones song posts on You tube were by Kev Devlin.

    Also many thanks to Derek Thomson from up there at Megazones media HQ at Dryburgh Dundee for these 18 september 2013 Megazones You tube contributions

    And finally all the best fellow music lovers from Dundee and beyond from Iain Carnegie Dundee...By eeeeeeee.

  13. Thanks Iain, I think Ive got that...Could you tell us again what the words were? I really love ' Another World', any mair songs coming out Iain?
    And yes, a big cheers to Derek for the vids n' stuff.
    Ill jist shuffle back tae my commode. Its time for my coco.
    All the best to all from Australia.
    Cliff (Smith) McAulay (Bass Meggie)

  14. Yes Cliff. Good to hear from you. Its a bit of a conundrum but if you listen to the original lyrics closely you will find where the changes have been made which have been crucial regards to amending the song and therefore making it more acceptable. Unfortunately as much as I would like to hear the new lyrics version in properly recorded version as I love the sixties style guitars + vocals of this song I am afraid this live version will have to do and it is better than no recorded memory of the song. Nice to hear from you again Cliff. All the best from Iain up here in Bonnie Dundee Carnegie.

  15. Regarding the previious message post in september stating that the four megazones songs posted on youtube by Derek Thomson were dated 18 september featuring all drums by Kev devlin. Due to re-editing these 4 youtube songs should now read Date 1st October i.e. Trouble Another world Maybe tomorrow + All around me. And of course circles {early version] dated 18 sept was drums by Kenny Farqharson

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hey hey hey Megazones fans. two new vids uploaded to YouTube - It's Getting Better, & Now Is The Time.

  17. Iain Carnegie Dundee14 November 2013 at 03:44

    Heres 2 more songs for you from 1980 NOW IS THE TIME a song by Iain Carnegie Dundee + Jim [ megazones ] Farrell + Its getting better a song by Iain Carnegie Dundee. Nice videos again thanks to Derek Thomson including great street views of the now defunct Windmill bar + music venue which was situated on the hilltown. Fine drums again on both songs by Kev Devlin.

    And just a short footnote before i go.........
    Due to reasons of unsuitability a song written by me ANOTHER WORLD posted on youtube by Derek Thomson on 1st October 2013 has been on my instructions withdrawn permanently from youtube. The song was removed on Monday 11th November 2013. Signed Iain Carnegie Dundee 14th November 2013.

  18. Iain Carnegie Dundee19 November 2013 at 06:28

    Corrections to my recent comment posted on Thursday 14 November 2013 are as follows.........1. it was me who requested Derek to post an unsuitable song namely Another World on to you tube and not Derek as my statement might have implied. 2. the words "on my instructions" should have read "on my request. 3. "at my request" should have been added to the end of "this song was removed".

    I apologise to Derek for any incorrect or misleading wording contained in my 14.11.13. statement. Signed Iain Carnegie Dundee.