Thursday, 4 November 2010


Wildcat theatre company received this rave review in local mag, Street Life, in November 1988.
The show they put on at the Bonar Hall was for Wildcat's 10th anniversary, and they really went to town with their production of "Fancy Rappin'".
It was a storming satirical rock drama filled with a variety of music styles and the main theme being a typical 80's youthful pastime - putting the boot into Thatchers loadsamoney society!
Meriting a well deserved round of appaws..!!
You'll probably need to click on the image to read the large version.

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  1. aye Alan Lyddiard is well missed. a great bloke, and going through some stress at the moment. He is filming in the phillipenes and a member of the cast was shot dead.
    Wildcats material has always been brilliant. but never poncy enough to keep getting funding !
    Sadly missed. lesley g.