Wednesday, 17 November 2010


This article dates from April 1988 and is a wee notice letting local musicians know of a newly opened rehearsal studio called Joe's Garage, based in North Isla Street.
It was rigged out with band gear and recreational facilities, and had Steve & Graeme eagerly awaiting on the switchboard!


  1. I remember they used to have cool Tshirts I wore mine for years, there used to be a bathroom saleroom downstairs we were practising and this jerk comes into the studio to 'tell' us to turn down the volume as he is trying to sell somebody a new bog, we refused to comply naturally. I remember Mhari? (varry) ran it for a while and was the last joes garage propriator that I can remember

  2. Am sure this place was the venue for a small scale 'acid house' party until the Hulltoon Huns turned up and trashed the joint. Circa 89' anyone?

  3. we "gerils" went there once it was shit , crap amps that did not work properly , dont remember much else , maybe a no smoking policy that pissed of James our singer ..? that springs to mind

    1. No Vex, the amps were fine. It was you lot who were shit.

  4. That's correct Historian, Varrie had a party on Hogmanay 1989 with a load of her mental techno mates but the casuals got wind of the place and turned up, wrecking the joint leading to Varrie getting booted out by the landlords AJ Craig and sons the very next day. Ian Stockdale then took over the place and lasted about 8 months before the electricity went off for non payment then the locks got changed by the landlords for non payment of rent.
    Vex, the gear wasn't too bad for the price, comparable with what the Seagate was offering at the time, it was just too big a room with a horrible sound.

  5. Abiding memory was taking my life in my hands trying to carry up a bass amp on snow-covered staircase/fire-escape. It was bad enough when it was dry. No use if you suffered from vertigo!

  6. Baby Hurricane had many a fine time there - we used to rehearse there every week and also recorded there.