Saturday 27 November 2010


This is the time of year a lot of oldies go for their winter jab, so I thought I'd get involved and inject a Boo Hooray track into your circulatory system!
Boo Hooray were sonic fidgets. Personnel-wise and music-wise. There was never really a settled band line-up. There was main man Gerry Mitchell, and a cluster of others who weaved in and out.
This cool image above is Scott Gowans, one of the guitarists who teamed up with them for a spell. The photo would have been taken around 1981ish, roughly the same era as the record.
I suppose whether you like Boo Hooray's output or not, could depend on how musically aware you are. If, for example, your taste lies solely in the Top 40 Pop Charts and your record collection was purchased in ASDA, then there is a good chance the track will go in one ear and out the other.
Should you be the more adventurous type who liked to delve into music's more vibrant underground scene, then you may be able to identify a few influences in the mix.
The guitar intro on their track "For Example" attacks you like a bout of pins & needles, but as it subsides it then administers a fragmented funky groove into your body, which, providing you're not one of the living dead, ought to give you a good wee buzz!
Much better for you than any corporate rock placebo..!!
Thanks to MK & GM.


  1. (4 eggs ,ample) very clever :) different, thats for sure, still prefer to hear instruments in tune though.

  2. Only one comment? Thought this would have had Anonymous piling in with the abuse. I really liked it, great drumming was that Scott that plays with Stoor now playing?


  3. Not sure if it was Scott McKinlay on drums or Paul Smith or Neal Mitchell. A real percussive treat though.

  4. Terrible. Bad jazz. Too clever for their own good.

  5. Utter sh*te !

    Happy now Tonker ?


  6. Thanks for finding time to leave your comment before rushing off to your intelligentsia meeting!

  7. Mines was the first comment and i was being genuine, you can play notes out of the melodic scales and it can sound ok and jazzy, but i really do think the guitar is out of tune, not so sure that is a good idea even if you are experimenting. :)

  8. boo hooray smelt bad when it was damp, they often wore auld, probably dead, man's suits, which fumed a bit, pishy really.

    they never got hot chicks

  9. I think line up on this track is Paul on drums , Gerry and Scott on drums and vocals and i,m confused about the bass , Sounds like Bob Philips but sure its Neal Mitchell ?
    I will clarify later if anyone cares ! also sure guitars are in tune maybe the inter-action between the guitars give the impression of being out of tune, seem in tune to me but I played in
    and "smelly" that was probably true of me and I hung around with them , we all bought old suits from Oxfam and I certainly did not wash them, but I never cared !
    I dont take smelly as an insult.


  10. hi mike, i think we(raunchy guys) stank worse and we never got those hot chicks either, al hendrickx had foul breath and my hair was a right state, as for jim's plunders and the bears hoofs...


  11. here meh hoofs only stunk coz eh wore stinkin' red boots that eh fund in Al Strakers stairwell af o kensal rise. But Jeng had bad knob hygene and Al had bad breath, strange coincidence? and you had ruffled your wig! tryin' on Indiana Jones hats too often :) I reckon Jih smelt worse than any band in Dundee and he managed to pull average lookin muts. we obviously never tried hard enough. can I just say £42 For a bottle of absinthe mental or what? the bear

  12. Talk about suffering for your art...that guitar strap Scott is using must have chafed a bit!

  13. Just to let you all know. Al still has very bad breath. Hes nothing more than a con man. A walter mitty. He is not a hairdresser in paris. Hes a full time con artist. Yes he lives in France(Nice). Sponges and rippes people off. AL has not worked in 8 years or more.