Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I'm gonna squeeze in a few music items now before it gets all Christmassy in December, so the next couple of weeks will consist of a rummage through some old publications and a dip into Dundee's back catalogue.
It's The Old Tay Whistle Test!
Let's get our toes tapping with this...(snigger)...classic, from our very own singing minstrel (or should that be mincetrel?!) Dean Eastwood.
The tune is called "The Tigers Of Dundee" and is a song about the Dundee Tigers, the ice hockey team who's 2nd generation incarnation formed in 1987.
Perhaps Dean's regular visits to the Kingsway Ice Rink explains his choice of footwear!
Thanks to the Bear.


  1. Is that sang no' hellish?

  2. Someone got a reverb unit for Christmas...

    To be honest, at least there aren't any bum notes this time round, although it still sounds like a preset on a kiddy's Bontempi organ.

    And where's Dawn?

  3. Lord knows what rhyme he would have made for the Dundee Rockets!

    Dawn's dulcet tones very much missed on this ditty......

  4. Sometimes things get you down,have a shit day and you feel pretty depressed,then you log on here ,see stuff like this and all of a sudden life aint so bad,thanks retro :-)

  5. I lost the will to live after about 30 seconds...however, I was impressed that he managed to magically weave the words "Whitley Bay" into the lyrics.

  6. That is probably one of the worst things I have ever heard in my entire life.

  7. Love it.So bad it is actally enjoyable, but you have to look at the picture to appreciate the whole package!!

  8. Dean was indeed a regular at the old ice rink when the Rockets/Tigers were at their height in the 80s. He also used to write a column in the Rockets programmes around the 85/86 season under his real name of Norman Maiden

    (as a side note, my verification word for posting was 'suffer', maybe they'd heard the song?!)

  9. As a current Dundee Tiger I've got to big this guy up as a legend! But we need a new team song.

    Any takers.....?