Saturday 6 November 2010


This stretch of property was on Victoria Road between the Wellgate and Idvies Street (now Ladywell Ave).
The rear of the buildings would normally be hidden away from view because they were surrounded by tenements on all sides, so the shot of the backies is quite a rare sight.
To help you with your bearings, the building to the right with the large extensions on the back, is Forbes.
Also in the backies image is the church on the far right which was across the street at Eadies Road, and is now where a block of flats is.
The picture of the back of the tenements is a great one to zoom into on the large version. Lots of ancient nooks & crannies connecting the jumble of buildings to nose around. Not too sure what's what mind you - outside toilets, sheds, dovecotes, stock rooms, who knows, probably a mix of all of these. Just looks like a huge inviting adventure playground for a 7 year old kid!
By the mid 70's it was all gone and has since been replaced by free lodgings for birds - trees!
I've included a map of the area to give you a reminder of the layout back then.
If you'd like to recall what this same stretch of road was like when it was bustling with business, there's a good photo from the 60's in the Retro Archives - 7th November 2008.
Click onto the images to view or download the large versions. 


  1. I can shed some light on the Forbes clan. Having just consulted my family tree, I can confirm that J.T. Forbes was James Thoms Forbes (1857-1929) and was married to Tryphena (!). Of the eight children they produced, the youngest was Benjamin Gladstone (1893-1977).

    Charles Stewart Young Forbes, who was the second of the eight-strong brood, ran the J.T. shop in the Nethergate after his father, then in my lifetime it was run by his eldest child Stewart Charles (1922-1992), who was my uncle. My cousins Kenneth and Neil (Neil of "The Grip" band) were the last of the line to run a Forbes music shop in Dundee.

    Jimmy Shand was hired as an accordion rep by Charles. Charles helped Jimmy secure his first recording contract.

    Oh and one of the Beatles, either John or Paul, bought a guitar from the JT shop during their concert visit in Oct 64, according to legend. All the family were there at that concert, including little me. Mostly what I remember is the demented screaming in the Caird Hall...

    Great blog, enjoying digging around.

  2. Oh and I didn't mention Alfred, another famous Forbes. He was the elder brother of Charles, and lived 1884-195. I have a photo of an original disc of his that my aunt showed me. It's "The Bonnie Braes o' Airlie" on the Regal label. I also have his discography and it shows 9 other releases on Regal (Feb/March 1921), plus 11 on Parlophone ( circa Dec '24) and 4 on Beltona (June '27).

  3. whoops, 1965 it was when Alfred died.

  4. we have an accordion a FORTONA full size supplied be J T Forbes dundee and lochee ,it still plays was wondering where it was made and when still in the case ,can anybody help as we have drawn a blank.can send photo of the accordion if requested