Monday 1 November 2010


Dundee High School used to (and maybe still does) put on an opera every 2 years.
Their choice for 1965 was Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera "HMS Pinafore".
Along with the everyday scholarly task of swotting up for their Highers, the pupils who got through the auditions also had to learn around 2 dozen songs for the show, so practice sessions actually began way back in May 1964.
Come 15th June '65, and over a years worth of rehearsals later, the real concert got underway at the College of Education.
The show was given very good reviews in the Courier and Journal, and it ran for 3 nights.
Mind you, the local reporters must have missed the final performance, because on the last night, one of the guys on stage stumbled and fell into the scenery, then one of the singers shouted out "Hooray!" during the wrong part of the song, and to top it off, during the curtain call one of the girls dresses split up the back!
Ah well, life's not always plain sailing!

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