Monday, 22 November 2010


When I put up an ad in March earlier this year for Rainbow's original music shop in Hawkhill, it got quite a big response in the comments. However, most of them were about their Bell Street store!
So here now you have an advert from 1988 for Rainbow Music, 15 Bell Street.
Seems like this was the place to go if you were looking for a synth in the late 80's, judging by their special offers!
Below the ad is a review of the Bell Street emporium.
Keith Mackintosh & Alan Roy, who ran the Hawkhill shop for 6 years, were still the main men at their new premises. Also, Bob Orobzcuk gets a special mention, he being the shops Hi-Tech expert.
According the the previous batch of comments, the guys at Rainbow had a good rapport with their customers, and this bond is backed up in the review.
Those of you who can't remember where you've put your specs, just click the review to read the large version!


  1. Yup, this is the era I went to Rainbow (and specifically, Steve with the 'tash) for keyboard lessons after school. Great fun, particularly when I was allowed to have a go of the Yamaha DX7.

    I ended up buying a few synths/modules from Rainbow as I got older. Definitely a much "friendlier" place than Sound Control (although both had their merits). I got the impression the guys from Sound Control went home and listened to trance or Megadeth, but the guys at Rainbow looked like they were more into ELP!!!

    Glad it's still going (albeit in a different location), given the downturn and probable competition from online retailers.

  2. Rainbow was always and still is the best instrument shop in Dundee. I've shopped there for 25 plus years and never been patronised once. Thanks guys.