Wednesday, 24 June 2009


A shot looking down towards the Angus Hotel from Westport in the mid/late 70's.
It wasn't just the pubs that were the attraction in Westport in the 70's & 80's - a few doors up from the Ascot Bar was a shop called Rockpile.
I became a bit of a regular to this 2nd hand record shop around this era. It was very well stocked with vinyl and was a great place to have a wee rummage. During these rakes through the racks, you'd sometimes catch whiff of some exotic fragrances wafting over, and they were not always because of the joss-sticks, if you know what I mean! Yes Ian & Brian (behind the counter) used to enjoy an occasional joint while blasting out some quality dub and electronic synth sounds - most of the dub & synth based albums being mine as well - me having offloaded lots of LP's by then.
So at least the records went to a good home anyway!!
Brian also used to do illustrations for Dundee fanzine, Cranked Up.
I also remember, along with the records, there being novelty Rizlas and Alpaca wool jerseys hanging up for sale.
In fact I actually ended up buying one of the sweaters.

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  1. Rockpile was a brilliant wee shop. For some reason i more of a seller in Grouchos, and a buyer in Rockpile.