Saturday, 13 June 2009


Formed in Dundee in the mid 70's, it didn't take too long for Badger to get their material down on vinyl, releasing 2 singles in 1977.
This one here was the bands debut 45. The A-side is a track called "Biding My Time" - I, however, have opted to showcase the B-side "Stepping Stones", which in my opinion is the stronger composition.
Group members were - Lou Lewis (guitar/vocals) - Calum Malcom (Keyboards/vocals) - George Boyter (bass) & Davy Ross (drums).
Then later in 77/78, the band changed their name to The Headboys and again released a few records with a bit of success in this transformation.
In November 1979, The Headboys then released this old song "Stepping Stones" again, only this time as the A-side of the single!
Meanwhile, here is the crackly original Badger version to tune into...

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  1. I still see Lou wandering around Dundee. Does he still perform?