Thursday, 18 June 2009


44 years ago today, The Rolling Stones were on stage at the Caird Hall.
Not once but twice, playing 2 shows on the day. The ticket here being for the 2nd performance.
Stones gigs were pretty notorious back then as a result of their frenzied fans causing damage to the halls. I know Edinburgh's Usher Hall got smashed up on the same tour, although I'm not too sure how the Caird Hall fared on this particular visit.
The band were on a roll in '65 with hit singles such as "The Last Time", "Satisfaction" and "Get Off Of My Cloud" all released that year.
And it was 15 shillings to get in - 75p..!!!


  1. The two of us skipped school that day; we were huge Stones fans, so we had the tickets bought in advance and were down in front amid hordes of screaming girls. Brian Jones was playing a white Vox Phantom guitar and had several cotton balls stuck in his hair because girls were throwing them down from the balcony above. Jagger did a move where he took his jacket off and made to throw it into the audience, but dropped it back on stage at the last minute - the girls went crazy. We really couldn't hear much so I suppose we just surrendered to the rhythm and were standing on our seats and being crazy ourselves...The Hollies were supporting, I do remember Graham Nash shouting out about people standing on the seats, he probably hadn't played to many Scottish audiences at that time! Yes, I was there... all that time ago!

  2. This was my first gig! I was 9 years old and my mum won two tickets in a newspaper competition as she knew I was a fan. I don't remember too much apart from that we were on the balcony and Brian Jones waved at me, probably since I was the only 9 year old there. I remember the hysteria and ambulance men coming in downstairs with stretchers and turning to my mum to ask 'Is it ok if I scream?' The other support act was a female singer called Doris Troy who we remember sang one or two numbers and left the stage in tears possibly because no-one was listening. Great to see the ticket for my very first gig.

  3. .
    Doris Troy was a hell of a singer!
    Shame she wasn't appreciated on the night...

  4. I was there too. I have a few photos still

  5. I'd love to hear from anyone who was at the gig for a book I'm writing