Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Got a few magazine cuttings featuring Rokotto going back to the 70's, so will be putting them on view over the next couple of days.
Rokotto formed in Dundee in 1975 after some of the members left the Flamingos. Then with the addition of a few local musicians, they went on to become the colourful chart busting 7 piece funky disco band they set out to be.
This article appeared in "Blues & Soul" magazine in November 1977 when they were starting to get national recognition as a consequence of frequent touring and recording.
The line-up here is - Cleveland Walker - Howard "Bongo" McLeod - Lloyd Owen Wisdom - Derek Henderson - Stuart Garden - Hugh Paul and Sister B (Lorna Bannon).
A piece of music trivia now....Howie McLeod used to be percussionist with classy soul act, Jimmy James & The Vagabonds.
He's also usually the most flamboyantly dressed one!!
You'd be best to click on the image and enlarge it, to read.

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