Monday, 15 June 2009


A photo showing a section of the area in the previous picture I put up.
From right to left you have - The Lion Bar (a pub, not a confectioner!) - Roadcraft School of Motoring - Crown Wallpaper & Paint Stores - Tosney Fish Merchant and again the stripey shop is B.G. Forbes music shop.
Forbes sold instruments here with pianos a specialty, but upstairs they run a music school and I used to go here for guitar lessons around 1967/68 when I was aged 9/10. I only lasted a few months though as I ended up leaving due to "musical differences!". He was trying to teach me basic "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do" stuff that I already knew, but I was wanting to learn chords like I heard on The Beatles "I Am The Walrus", so I took a strop one day, declared he wasn't up to the task and ended up learning to play guitar myself at home.
You can view another shot of this area when it was doing business in the 60's in my November 2008 Archives. Just stick Forbes in the search box.
Finally, the car parked on the right is a Ford Anglia and the one up from it I think could be a Zephyr.


  1. funny how those cars always remembered me of the batmobile :)

  2. Wish the Lion Bar was still open...

  3. Did Forbes the music shop move to the Nethergate beside the Deep Sea chipper?

  4. No, the one in the Nethergate was JT Forbes and they were on the go the same time as the Victoria Road shop above.
    The Victoria Road shop in the picture, BG Forbes, moved to the corner of Commercial Street/Dock Street after this one in the Vicky was demolished.