Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Gonna be out & about around the Westport area over the next few days.
So to start with, here's a reminder of the general area I'll be covering, the photo dating from October 1969.
To help you get your bearings, The Globe Bar is in the centre, with Hawkhill going North to the top of the picture and the Blackness Road forks off to the right. South Tay Street is bottom left and North Tay Street (now Marketgait) bottom right, with the JM Ballroom beside the car park.
That should help set the scene for the following set of photos which are from the 70's & 80's, and will probably have you backtracking to this shot for reference purposes, because you wont be able to refer to the area as it is now!

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  1. up at the tap of the Hawkie was The Tavern (The Tav) and Wille Frew's Bar. I remember going there before getting "signed in" at the Uni. Wille Frews had no ladies so if one of your female pals had to go you had to stand outside the gents saying "there's a lady in there".