Thursday, 25 June 2009


 "And now, the end is near..."
1982 here at Temple Lane, and not only is the corner shop boarded up, but all the flats above are too, with The Scout the only one managing to hang on 'til the very end!
This was the sight we saw every week and never thought anything of it. There was a wee derelict closie on the right of the photo that got used as a place to go for a quick joint before the drinking in the Scout began.
It was 1982 The Scout eventually closed and you can get a reminder of The Scouts final night in my July 2008 Archive, with lots of comments as well.
A couple of quirky things I can recall are, there was a drink on the go at the time that young bravehearts would order and was part of the youth ritual of showing off - it was called "The Green Monster". A lethal brew of various spirits & beers, and with it being tough old Dundee, this actually came in a PINT glass, not a namby pamby cocktail glass. Needless to say, 1 pint and you were F**KED!!!
Also remember Elvis Presley being a regular in The Scout.
This was a local who was his double, it wasn't an act, but was a good laugh watching everyone do a double-take when they went passed him.
If you zoom into this photo, there is actually a shadowy figure standing in The Scout doorway. Just wonder if it is the ghost of Elvis, perhaps singing "Suspicious Pints" or maybe "Alehouse Rock" or how about "Love Me Cider"!!!
Incidentally, the pub used to be called The Temple Bar but when it was taken over by Oliver Hamilton it was renamed The Scout, based on the fact that he used to be a scout for Blackpool Football Club.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. Not only a ghostly figure but a full size cardboard cut-out of a car in front.

  2. Was in the Scout often and remember the last night there well. Got a bit flooded I seem to remember. Got hammered a few times there on snakebite too. Toilets were a bit of a test if you wanted a No2 - you had to ask for 'the key to the shitty' at the bar. Great times - just nothing like it these days. kb

  3. One of my great Scout memories was being in there the night Archie Gemmill scored THAT goal the place erupted drinks hrown in the air and a general riot for about five minutes.
    When the dust settled we all looked at each other soaked right through wi' Merrydown,80 and lager and couldnae stop laughing.
    Until Jonny Rep scored of coorse.

    Mike G.

  4. Having to ask for the key for the bog if you began to rumble down below was bad enough, but what was worse was the barmen (bearded) announcing loudly to all and sundry " boy's awa fur a s!!!e " as the said key was handed over.

  5. A Green Monster consisted of 1 part vodka, 1 part Advocaat, 1 part Blue Bols and the rest of the pint was filled up with American Soda.

  6. These may have been the standard ingredients to a Green Monster but we used to request our own "customised" recipe that had brandy, absinthe etc chucked in!
    In case you're wondering, the Elvis I refer to was just a guy that looked like Elvis. Although he was a spitting image of him, he didn't actually go around dressed as him or act as a lookalike, he just drank there with his mates.

  7. The guy that looked like Elvis wis Rab Mooney fae Dryburgh..Ettrick Crescent to be precise.

  8. i would have an occassional jelly bean, some kind of room temp purple mixture of spirits and diluting juice.

    i bought a copy of the taran lads cassette they regularly played at end of nite...big kilmarnock bunnet etc,
    the barmen were beardy dundee weasels, wi lumber shirts and overbearing attitudes.

  9. There is a 'Scout Bar' facebook page, we are trying to organize a reunion. Come and join us and bring your old photos. Audrey Craig and Audrey Knox (nee Rodger)