Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Another well known Dundee flamingo was this neon one above the entrance to Coconut Grove.
The 2 palm trees were actually on a back wall about 30ft away from the main sign above the door, although you wouldn't think it from the top night shot.
This "Coconut Grove" logo design was repeated throughout the interior of the disco - they had it stencilled in black on the white walls like urban graffiti.
After a couple of years they decided to ditch the word "Coconut" and opted to just call it "The Grove".
You can see the outside palm tree layout and the different "Grove" logo in my September 2008 Archives, for comparison.

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  1. I was one of the original DJ's in the club when it opened as the Coconut Grove after being the Baracuda. (Ray Hollis)
    The former JM Ballroom was owned by the Wallace family who owned it until Murdie Wallace sold it to Mecca in the mid 80's who then turned it into the Coconut Grove after Mecca sold it on to a local independant guy in the 90's the name was changed to just The Grove