Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The last time I mentioned Groucho's (January 09 - Angus Hotel post), I got myself in a bit of a muddle with their various shop locations and attempts at matching dates to them. So this time, instead of me doing a piece about one of Dundee's most iconic shops, I have decided to put their website link up so you can read about the shops varied history from there, which they also accompany with some excellent retro photos.
Check it out here - - some of their gallery images will take you back!!
I still had this Groucho's bag tucked away from goodness knows when - it has their Overgate address on it.


  1. I remember grouchos well. A list of punk singles written up above the racks. And badges too.

  2. The Captain posting here......

    I've just been on their website where its said that 'two young lads' founded Groucho's on the Perth Road - one named as being Breeks - whom I recall - but no mention directly that I could see of the other guy - whom I remember only as being called 'Ron Groucho'.

    That wee shop was quite a hub of local music life being one of the many small indie/hippie/punk/whatever chains that were dotted around every city at that time - flexi discs, coloured vinyl, picture discs, rare imports and an eclectic mix of old and new - but mainly second hand records.

    I remember selling a whole bunch of vinyl there to finance a fish supper from 'Sweaty Betty's' chip shop on the Hawkhill...... lol

    1. Ron Groucho was Ronnie MacLean from Kirriemuir.

  3. And I remember some dude and his brother who were crashing at my flat on Seagate. So strange the day at Groucho's when browsing through the second hands.. hey! I've got that one.. and that one and that one and that one.
    Motherfuckers! Maybe 50 albums..
    Police returned 75% of them so Grouchos must have kept the others.