Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Here's 5 rare adverts that are seldom seen in music archives - and for records released by Dundee acts.
Top one is the Poor Souls "When My Baby Cries" on Decca. This was published in the national music press in 1965.
Second one is a bit different in that it is a promo card that came out in 1981 to coincide with The Associates single "White Car In Germany". The record label is Situation Two of course, and the details are published on the reverse side of the card.
Underneath that is an ad that was also published in 1981, a Billy MacKenzie side project by local act, 39 Lyon Street, titled "Kites". RSO the label.
Next one is for another Billy MacKenzie side project, this time it's Orbidoig, the single called "Ice Cream Factory" on WEA. This ad was published in the music press in 1982.
Last one is for an Inca Rhodes single called "Hideaway" on the Silk label. Although the record was released in 1986, the advert was published in February 1987.

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