Monday, 1 June 2009


Susan Childe was the stage name she adopted when she joined the Flamingos. As Susan, she also did lots of solo work including many TV shows in the 70's & 80's, in UK and abroad.
In 1984 she married and has since lived in Spain, Puerto Rico and USA where she is currently residing in Tucson, Arizona.
Known now as Yvonne J, she has continued her life in the music business getting plenty of recording sessions done, for solo work and backing vocals for others. She is still continuing with live gigs too, having worked with such soul artistes as Billy Ocean, Rose Royce & Eddie Kendricks along the way. On a recent trip back to Dundee she even managed to squeeze in a couple of gigs at The Bond!
All that achieved from just a wee night oot at the JM back in 1972!!
Oh yeah, and she also went to the same school as me, Balerno.
Yvonne J also has a website link (below) that is worth dipping into.

Big THANKS to Yvonne.


  1. er....maybe enough Susan Childe?

  2. That`s a bit of an unfair comment. It`s not as if you are paying a monthly subscription fee. Just be grateful for the work that has gone into producing this fantastic blog.
    Personally, i find the Susan Childe articles interesting.

  3. I have to agree with the last comment, Susan Childe takes me back to a time when I had no cares. Glad I get to hear her when I want to, still kicking butt and taking names.....Leaving many in the dust....Still love ya...Me

  4. Susan Childe deserves all of this and so do all the other Dundee artists you have highlighted over the past few months, keep up the fantastic work retro Dundee and keep bringing us this info, WE LOVE YOUR SITENSIO!

  5. I agree. The first person should be strongly reprimanded for such a remark. It is obviously against the policy of the site to have any criticism, however slight, and people should be made to pay for their opinions. Bring back corporal punishment for the blaggards!!!

  6. I have Yvonne as a friend on MySpace and have for a few years. Must admit I have found the postings very interesting, when she first started with the Flamingoes I was just too young to go into the Barracuda when it first opened but do remember going to the Under 16's at the JM in it's final throes in about 1973/74. I have heard many things about the place before I was able to go from someone who was a DJ in the JM and the Barracuda whom I worked for for a time. So the Susan Childe articles have been interesting.

  7. I certainly couldn't get enough of Susan Childe. I was very proud that she was ( well still is, my cousin ). She gave many people in Dundee, years of fantastic entertainment, whether it be the Barracuda, or many a club in Dundee. Not to forget Bloomers, Samanthas and many more. She was back last year and did a couple of gigs in the Bond, to which they were packed to the door. Keep going Yvonne. Come back to Dundee soon, and do it all again. xxxx