Sunday, 31 May 2009


Here's Susan Childe & The Flamingos doing the biz live on stage at their Mains of Claverhouse gig and as you can see, getting the locals up on their feet!
From the mid 70's onwards, SC&TF introduced various members into the band, changing the line-up as they evolved. Some of the musicians were - Lemont Sylvester - Calvert Ward - Jerry Bartholomew - Hugh Paul - Sandy Robertson - Rusty - Alan McKay - Ronnie Jack plus one or two others.
Although the band were locally based, playing various venues in and around Dundee, they also often went further afield touring all over the UK.
Their material was mostly popular chart hits with the emphasis on party vibes for the dancefloor. So they'd do lively performances of upbeat songs like "Young Hearts Run Free" & "Jimmy Mack" and then occasionally slow the pace down a bit with a tune such as "Misty Blue" to get everyone in a smoochie mood!!

Thanx to Yvonne.


  1. Oh my god. That outfit, I remember it so well. Dont know if anyone can remember the outfits Yvonne used to wear, well she designed and made them all herself. Not just a pretty face eh.

  2. Anonymous said...

    this is ronnie jack here, the drummer mentioned by susan . of susan child and the flamingoes. yes i enjoyed my year with the band. there were some rough travel times. i remember us having to stay in a hotel in darlington where there were bars on the windows and one of the beds was like an upturned wardrobe on the floor. i think lenny ended up with that one. and the night i fell asleep on stage during a slow gladys knight song. it was because the heating on stage was on then the cold air blasts mixed with it and the late nights caused me to go slower and slower until in the distance i heard lenny shout. wake up ronnie. then i came to my senses and realised the band was sounding like a broken down gramophone record . luckily it was almost the end of our set. ive played in many diff bands since the flamingoes. namely five in a bush, push, ringer, tripper, st andrew, poker alice etc to name a few. currently im with blueshouse and four candles as in the two ronnies sketch. hope likewise musicians from the jm baracudda years might post some pictures of myself with the flamingoes or any other bands i was playing in. would be nice to see . oh i was also in the infamous punk band drive who had the unmentionable single

  3. I seem to remember THe Flamingos playing in the JM in the early 70s. I'm sure they were billed as Ray and Shirley King and the Flamingos. I also remember Chris McLure and his Section (Christian) playing ocassionaly

  4. Hello Ronnie, I remember that night well, it's not often a drummer falls asleep while playing, hahahha I remember thinking Jesus christ whats going on its already a slow song, then looking around and seeing you falling asleep. Good times buddy, anyway it was nice seeing you again at the gig in the Bond.
    Keep Drumming your awesome!!!!