Thursday, 14 May 2009


In the mid 70's, my brother went on a flight around Dundee. Luckily for us he had his camera with him and managed to capture quite a lot of the city, some of which looks much different to how it is now. I must have around 40 aerial shots from the session but I'll just put up 6 over the coming days to give you a reminder of how the toon looked back in the day.
So settle down in your seats and get ready for take off...
Starting off bang in the centre of town, where you can see by all the workers huts around it that they were still putting the finishing touches to the new Tayside House at the bottom right of the picture. The most obvious observation though is the giant gap where they demolished the old Wellgate and South side of Victoria Road.
The fact that the photos were taken out of the plane's window means they are not going to be high definition clarity but they are still good enough to make out where you are and what's what, so I recommend for those who would like to do a kind of Retro Google Earth on them, to click on the image to get the large version, then right click to "save picture as" and save it onto you pc, and then you can use your zoom & pan to have a wee nosey around.


  1. and the even bigger gap to the right of the old wellgate site was a short cut (through the railin's) from "postie hunts" @ victoria road to princes street, i thought i had just dreamt of that bit of barren land, it seemed to be layered, from "st margarets" at the top right down to the wellgate, :) great memory flash back there , cheers!

  2. Wow, nice shot. I can just about see the Tayside Bar! Can see Forrys Bar on the corner, just!

  3. Look! The old Keiller's sweetie factory is still there where the Forum Centre is now!

    Wow! That is some swathe of demolition at the Wellgate site.

  4. That will be why it used to be called the Keiller Centre then? nice one Bridie, that was before it moved up to Mains Loan before Okaih took it over :) (bags o broken sweets at the gatehoose, luvley)

  5. Indeed. Why the name changed to the Forum Centre is a mystery to me. Keiller Centre had a bit of relevance.