Thursday, 21 May 2009


When The Damned re-formed in late '78 after having split earlier in the year, they not only had a change of line-up, they also tried out a couple of band name changes. They went from Dimmed to Doomed and back to Damned again.
This gig at Dundee College of Art in December 1978 took place during their Doomed phase with Gary Holton (ex Heavy Metal Kids) involved.
The Doomed and the Dundee crowd didn't get on very well. Lots of provocation from the crowd and similar goading from the band until finally it resulted in one of the crowd (Gerry Mitchell of Boo Hooray) jumping up on stage and having a bit of a scuffle with Rat Scabies!
All this rammy was captured on tape too - but I've chosen a track (below) that has The Doomed state at the end of it "It's the last time we ever play in Dundee!".
It's a rather fuzzy recording and probably best listened to with headphones on, but through the distortion they play "She's No Angel".

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  1. Hi There Retro Dundee…
    The Damned at the Art College was a bit before my time…but I have been led to believe that the Art College Union at that time was “off campus” at was later to be known as Laings Bar (feel free to disagree with that – as I say, before my time)…
    Anyhoo, my understanding is that this was the Art College Christmas Party and as such it coincided with all of the Art College Departmental Christmas parties…some of which The Damned attended…to get merrily pissed up at...apparently the Interior Design Dept was notable amongst these.
    In the end I have been led to believe that during The Damned’s gig someone (?) set fire to the stage curtains causing so much damage that the Student Council of the Art College refused to pay The Damned for the gig…which did not please The Damned too much…I heard this from the Art College Union Secretary who was left to deal with a non-too-happy Capt. Sensible.