Sunday, 10 May 2009


A variety of things on sticks can keep young kids entertained for ages.
A matter of simple but effective.
This is me (yes it's GG) playing aroond the backies in Craigie in the 60's.
I put it on view not because of me but because of the bubbles container. Notice, no product packaging, no logos, no manufacturing details, and yet that's how they were sold in shops. Just the plain tin with the stick inside. As basic as that.
Windmills too were as basic as it gets. A wooden stick with 4 plastic petal-like blades. The fun was derived running around pretending to be an aeroplane or attaching one to your bike. Then at the end of the day when you were puggled, you would plant it in the garden and pretend it was a flower!
Sparklers, however, well they were more of a luxury stick! Only allowed to indulge one week a year!!
I couldn't resist animating the photo (see below).
A circular breathing technique was needed to do this!

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  1. It is a sad fact that this 40 something woman is still amused by bubbles, windmill and sparklers.
    I confess to having all three in this house as I type!