Saturday, 9 May 2009


Here's Café Americain in Union Street, which opened for business in the early 80's.
It was quite a stylish pub with plenty room downstairs and upstairs. My visits were usually in the early evenings as a city starter pub before the nights really got going, so my memory of it is it being all rather sensible and well behaved. At least you were able to have a conversation without shouting! I'm fairly sure they occasionally had a DJ spinning a few tunes later on in the evenings so it no doubt became a bit more boisterous as the night went on.
Photo by Nicholl Russell Studios.


  1. Another Alex / Margo Brown enterprise (I think). They were well ahead of the style bar game in Dundee. Sadly missed (RIP Alex).

  2. Where was Cafe Americain? For some reason I can't remember it at all, besides having a sneaky feeling it was on the same side of the road as Tokyo Joes. Am I right?

  3. Yeah about 3/4 of the way down the right hand side.