Wednesday, 24 June 2009


A view looking up Westport in the other direction this time...up the Ha'kie and alang the Blackie...from the same period as the previous picture.
Most of the pubs and shops were still doing business during this period, even when some of the buildings around about were starting to be pulled down.
Yet despite it's grotty condition, it didn't influence the amount of fun we had when it came to drinking time!!


  1. Used to hang out here when it looked just like this lol. Was served my first pint aged 15 in The Ascot's cosy wee lounge on route to The Joeys / Bowling Alley.

    ME: Can I have a pint please? BARMAID: A pint of what?
    ME: Beer please!?!
    BARMIAD: Have a pint of Harp!!!

  2. I used to live in the tenament on the left next to the Greengrocer.(18 Westport - just round the corner from the Scout) It had been a squat but the factor made it legal by taking £1.75 pw off each of the five of us. No hot water and you could light your fags from the gas taps on the cooker in the custom built fitted kitchen ( made entirely and very well from wooden beer crates and fablon) - It fell down on it's own about 2 years after I moved out in 1978