Friday, 26 June 2009


Nowadays, the Globe occupies the full width of this building in Westport, which is all nice & tidy after its restoration. In my era, however, this is how it looked when we visited it, grubby, all the boards going up beside it and having to share the space with Kleen Wear.
Further up, out of shot on the right, many of the buildings had already started to be knocked down around the Hawkhill/Blackness area, with the demolition continuing well into the 80's.


  1. "Up wi' the boards o' Bonnie Dundee!!"

  2. The wee shop in between the Globe and the corner shop was a chippie.Used to have a couple of cats behind the counter.Nae health and safety back then when we used it back in the seventies.

  3. I worked in the Globe in the late 60's and was working on the Saturday it closed for the final time.
    Mrs Keir (Daisy) ran it but the license was in her son Jim's name. We were at Art School together. Jim studied Town Planning and I studied Architecture. We lived in Peddie Street. I earned £1 for a Saturday night shift of 4 hours. The tiny cocktail lounge was entered off the Hawkie and was frequented by wonderous ladies of the night and Irish labourers. One Saturday teatime Hugh MacDairmid and his wife came into the lounge. I told Daisy who he was but she had never heard of him and I don't think he had ever heard of her. But my Uncle Pat knew her and she was the maid of honour at his wedding back in the 40's. I never let on to her this connection in case she thought I wanted bigger helpings of the weekly pot of mince we were allowed to finish when the pub shut at 10pm on the Saturday night. When the pub was shut on a Sunday this gave Daisy the time to make the new pot for the coming week! Cheenged days.