Sunday, 1 May 2011


Not sure exactly just how far back Elvis McPresley goes, but for those of you who were living in Charleston at the time he first cropped up on the scene, you'll probably know him better as Wattie Reid.
He did actually go through the process of changing his name by deed poll, a publicity stunt dreamt up by Caird Hall manager, John Maguire, and sure enough, a big write-up in The Sun followed.
For this gig above, sometime in the mid/late 80's, he had his Band Of Gypsies with him, featuring L to R - Martin Feeney - Pete Ross - Warren ??? - Neil Forbes - Al Hendrickx - (can't see drummer).
The venue, looking a bit like a concert party scene from It Aint Half Hot Mum, was the Oil & Petroleum Club up Aberdeen way. As you might imagine, this was a pretty lucrative place for clubby bands to play, but on this particular occasion the gig didn't quite turn out like that!
The story I have is that Elvis's agent, Mr M, told McPresley that the club was paying him £200, however, at the gig, Elvis found out the club was actually paying £800, and so the cheque made out to Mr M was ripped up. The club got a free gig and McPresley & co got a courtesy slap up meal instead!
So let that be a lesson to you...don't double-cross Elvis McPresley, or he's likely to get hot under the oversized collar!!
Photos by The Bear.


  1. Hell Yeah!

    saw Elvis Wayne Reid and the Bad Guys at a c+w night in the Ambassador, the finale, American Trilogy was very uplifting for the Western Dudes , they formed a circle and a guy in a Confederate uniform touched their upraised hands wi his Stetson, then a few of them fired off their replica Colt's. Names Johnny Rondo, Black Mcabe etc, the nascent Raunchy Guys were in the small audience and were very impressed.

    Stompin Hoss (Fanta)

  2. Did you not play in his backing band Fana?

  3. Is Wattie Reid dead ? Ive been told on Facebook that he had passed away but only by one person and havent heard anywhere else that he died.
    I think Gordon McQuillan might have been the drummer but it could have been Rab 'Moose' Hunter, canny mind.

  4. Steve Morrison2 May 2011 at 03:37

    He is alive and well, at least he was when I was speaking to him on the phone last night about this post, and thinks it might have been Steve Ciampi on drums at that gig

  5. A few years ago, I did a cartoon featuring a dozen identical Elvis impersonators and called it TWELVIS.

  6. thank fuck, he hasna paid for these foties yet : ) hello deadguy still sellin' windees?
    lesley g yer a wickit wumin tellin me elvis was deid again, once was bad enough.
    Steve Ciampi (wee guy thining wavy hair)did he also play for the junkies after Moose hunter ?

  7. Bear,Steve Ciampi was the drummer with Danny McAfee's band

  8. steve ciampi = kipper, great guy now gone but dont remember him playing with elvis macpresley, the guy Im thinking off looked like the acdc singer wi the bunnet, thats if it wisna moose hunter (I know Ive got photos of him somewhere well both of them)

  9. Sure he stayed in a Multi Block i used to look after in the late 80's / early 90's.

  10. i heard a story once (not sure if its true) that Elvis Mc took a bad turn in the Mitchy clubbie, decked it and passed oot. Someone phoned his wife to tell her that she better get up there pronto coz her man might die in the Mitchy clubbie, and her response (seemingly ) was "dinna worry that happens maist nights :=)

  11. Elivis mac P lived in Dalfield court the westmost hilltown multi
    and he used to pech oot before Hendrickx put him on a fittness regime then he was aright although very sweaty.

  12. Yup i looked after Dallfield & Tulloch Courts-Best Multis in Dundee !and he most certainly "left the building" every day!

  13. Had the pleasure of working with Wayne in Dexter's 1993/94 where he was a regular when the late Ronnie & Ruth Petrie had the place. He would very often jam with several bands that played there during this period including the jam sessions night that ran for a while. Seen him jam with Ringer, Bad Pennies just to name a couple back then.