Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Prog rockers, Family, were doing their thing live on stage at the Caird Hall on 14th January 1972, with hippy band, Help Yourself, the support.
This ad appeared in the Evening Telegraph on the actual night of the gig, so I don't think it would leave much time to nip down to Larg's to grab a ticket!
Not a show I was at, but I do recall a few years later catching Family singer, Roger Chapman, performing at the Bowling Alley.

[ On the subject of family (tangentially speaking) here's a wee bit of Dundee related music trivia most of you won't know about.
A few weeks ago I mentioned that my mate, Tam Hughes, left Dundee for London in 1980 and after a period of time started up his own business "Tam's Dairies".
Well he married in 1982, and one of the bridesmaids at his wedding was 5 year old Emma Bunton, who later went on to be Baby Spice of the Spice Girls. Tam is in fact Emma's uncle.
When Tam's daughter had her 13th birthday party, the Spice Girls made their first ever public performance, a show which included the song "Wannabe", a year before it became their debut single - (he has the video of it too!).
And Emma was in Tam's hoose on the day they heard the Spice Girls reached No 1 in the charts.
He and his family have been part of the Spice Girls entourage on many occasions, and needless to say he has quite a few more stories that have spiced up his life since leaving Dundee! ]


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    Fascinatin' stuff!
    I first saw Family at The Palais in early 1970. I was working for the Clydesdale Bank at the Downfield branch and was transferred to the Newburgh branch for a week for sickness cover, staying in a B&B in Abernethy.
    My cousin and I had tickets for the Family gig on the Wednesday evening so, after work that day, I had to get the train from Newburgh or Abernethy to Perth, then Dundee, go to the gig, back to home in St Mary's, then the reverse journey the next morning to get to Newburgh for a 9am start.
    Them wahr the days!

  2. Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker4 May 2011 at 10:38

    You wouldn't have got a train from Newburgh or Abernethy in 1970, Brian!

  3. Saw Roger Chapman at the Rhythm Festival last year, still rocking, and what a huge voice!

  4. .
    Must have been the bus then!
    (Age related memory distortion)
    Makes it worse...


  5. mair lies then Brian ?????????? tut tut. ASW