Monday, 16 May 2011


Here's Nick mucking about outside the College sometime in the mid 80's. I've asked a few folk but nobody remembers his surname, so Nick will just have to do for now.
He used to play synthesiser with one of the guys from Altres, Jeremy Bryning, although Nick himself wasn't in the band.
Many of you may recall Nick & Jeremy as the buskers who wore Santa Claus outfits in the mid 80's, which was a bit of a novelty back then. Their patch was the Overgate and they made a wee fortune. Enough to keep them supplied with fresh electronic equipment!
Nick later went on to be manager of a girl pop duo, but no idea what he got up to after that.
His mate Jeremy, as I mentioned earlier, was a member of Altres and he also made a cassette of solo recordings on the Altres label, Multi-Purpose Productions.
Sadly, Jeremy developed mental problems later in life and disappeared about 12 years ago. Nobody knows what has happened to him and still to this day he remains on Tayside Police's official "Missing Persons" list.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. Was Jeremy Bryning from Broughty Ferry originaly? If so he lived next to my cousin. Really sad to hear about him as I remember him from the 1970s.


  3. I miss Jeremy a lot, he was a dear and close friend for many years. I hope wherever he is he is well and has found some peace.

    Jeremy was hysterically funny at times, really witty, and amazing with synths and electronics. Lots of great times.

  4. Jeremy was so smart....there is a film based around "the idea of Jerm" at

    go to Luna Films then see "Float but not away"

    still remembered

  5. My name is Nick Parkin. I moved from Cornwall to Dundee in the 80's and lived there for about seven years. I'm one of the Swinging Santas and Jeremy was the other. Sad to hear about Jeremy's mental state and disappearance. He was a good friend at the time and a talented guy. Yes, he did live in Broughty Ferry, I remember visiting his home to practise new songs. Although we busked in Dundee, we also played at the Trinity Shopping Centre in Aberdeen. We made a lot more money busking there, so , the rumour that Aberdonians are tight with their cash is a myth.
    My brother Andy Parkin and I ran the Joe's Garage recording studio for a while. Also, we were in the Band Up 'n' Out. Not documented on this site. Although, you may find articles about us in the Daily Express and Courier newspaper archives etc.
    I moved to London around 1991 to further study sound engineering and worked for a while at a recording studio in Clapham. Still living in London and married a lovely Japanese girl called Teruyo.
    If you remember me and want to get in touch, please contact me on facebook, details below:

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