Monday, 23 May 2011


A bit of a heavy metal extravaganza for this gig that took place on 12th June 1980 at the Caird Hall.
Top of the bill, Iron Maiden, supported by Praying Mantis, and although it has Colossus on the ticket, they didn't appear on the night.
Also keeping the crowd happy through the evening was metal specialist DJ, Neal Kay.
Thanks to Mark.


  1. I`ve got the advertising poster for that gig ,and the programme,which on the back page advertises the new Saxon album Wheels of Steel ,keeping with the theme below.Good year for metal,Maiden,Blizzard of OZZ,Saxon,Motorhead,Gillan,UFO,Budgie,Nazareth,as far as i recall.

    1. hey ho mr anonymous. will you in any way consider selling your poster?

  2. Pete Caithness25 May 2011 at 08:19

    The real reason for a Colossus no show that night is that the tour manager of Preying Mantis bottled it.

    He had been the tour manager of UFO when we supported them 6 months earlier in the Caird Hall and we had gone down really well.

    Our manager, John McGuire, approached us a couple of hours before the gig and told us that were being withdrawn from the bill because the tour manager was concerned that we would overshadow his band, Preying Mantis.

    In fact he also threatened Iron Maiden saying he would withdraw Preying Mantis from the rest of the tour if we played. This was later confirmed directly to me by Steve Harris, bass player, of Iron Maiden.

    It wasn't all bad though because Steve Harris invited us back to their hotel after the gig for a few light sherries - No Preying Mantis, funnily enough!

    A sandwich board was also put outside the Caird Hall informing the public as they arrived. We were shocked to hear that 700 poeple asked for their money back!!

  3. Thanks for straightening the bands' non appearance out, Pete. A nice wee insight!
    It's amazing what goes on behind the scenes sometimes. Usually ending up hilarious such as that!

  4. Sold a programme signed by all of Iron Maiden and Neal Kay at this gig. Had kept it for 30 years and it made £200 towards buying my son a professional level drumkit. Thanks to Iron Maiden and hold onto your memoribilia!

  5. My Dad, Andy Kennedy (Kennedy Enterprises) - the promoter of the iron maiden gig on 12 June 1980, says he refunded 70 people because of the refusal of (a member of) iron maiden to let colossus to support.

    My dad was also at the hotel for the light sherries! Were you still there in the early hours when the police arrived?

    Hats off to colossus a great, underrated heavy rock band!