Monday, 9 May 2011


Some of those helping spread the pounding sounds of reggae around town in the early 80's were the following...
Misty In Roots
The Professor
Natural Roots
Misty In Roots played Dundee University on 15th October 1982. Brilliant live, this was actually the 4th time I had seen the band, the previous 3 being in Edinburgh.
The middle item is an article about the Dundee Reggae Club moving out of their base in Blazers and putting on a Xmas Reggae Party at the Howff. Guest was The Professor, who was dropping the dubplates for this bash on 21st December 1982.
Then it was time for all local sufferahs to head across to Club Feet on 28th September 1983 and skank along to the organic vibes of Natural Roots, together with a showcase set from Akabush Sound System.
Och I & I was well irie in a Babylon back in the day. Yeah mon!!

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  1. Here's what Sykes can recall about the Natural Roots gig... "I remember that night like yesterday... I also remember someone at the art college coffee bar poached them after the gig and they were scheduled to play there a few months later and they arrived in Dundee to find no gig! Then they came round to my place and asked if I could put them on, THAT NIGHT!...sorry chaps."