Monday, 2 May 2011


Just like Elvis McPresley didn't hail from Memphis, neither did the Memphis Gators. As a matter of fact, the band are actually fae Douglas.
Memphis Gators cropped up on the local scene in the late 80's, after I departed, so I don't know much about them. If anyone can fill in a few background details on the band, the comments section is all yours.
One thing I did find out on an earlier Retro item was that band member, Watty, mentioned the Memphis Gators were the last band to play at the Cafe Club. Their equipment was still in the building when it was ablaze, but as luck would have it, it was all locked away in a storeroom, the only place in the entire pub the fire didn't reach, and so despite the pub ending up gutted, the band's instruments remained intact!
It looks like the picture location might be the Sidlaw Everglades!
Photo by The Bear.


  1. I recognise the guy 2nd from the front, as he was a year below me at Craigie High. His name is Willie Turnbull, who was apparently pretty hot on the guitar even back at school.

  2. the pics were taken in the swamplands north of 'the drive' up from where harry lawsons is

  3. Saw them at caspers a few times, good old blues band!

  4. the photo there of the band was later from the back ally warden kipp thompson wullie turnbull and bill petrie . the original line up of the band were ally warden vocals wullie turnbull lead guitar glesgie george on bass bill petrie drums and the late davie docharty who just past away last week guitar and slide guitar ,thay were a rock blues band from 1988 to the early 90s .