Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Just wondering if David Cook had a hand in the stage set for this outdoor do up at Dudhope Park around 1987, give or take a year? Painted brollies! It always rains at Glastonbury, but seems like it was decent weather for this one.
That looks like Alain Breitenbach AKA Legrand on stage. Can't quite make out the other guy with him.
I do know that a couple of members of Joe Public are strolling by. The guy with his sleeves rolled up, and the blonde lass, Caragh Mackay, the band's singer.
The guy on the left with the hat played on stage with Caragh's father, Joe Mackay, also on the bill.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. the other guy onstage is Kevin Murray excelent multi-instrumentalist but canny sing for toffee but is also quite cute.
    Victoria Park-Bench

  2. The guy in the dodgy drainpipes is Cookie Monster ie David Cook