Sunday, 15 May 2011


The first 7 photos were all taken at the Caird Hall in December 1979 when Colossus were supporting UFO.
Not often a support act gets the crowd rushing the stage!
The newspaper article is a review of the same gig, featuring a photo of both Colossus and UFO.
Well when I say review, that may be pushing it a bit! I don't know who the journalist from Mennies was but when someone begins their music review with "I wandered down to the Caird Hall armed with cotton wool...", it may not have been the best person for the job!
The last photo is of Gordon Band at the Camperdown outdoor festival.
So finishing off with a reminder of how the guys sounded back in 79/80, here's another demo track of theirs, a tune called "Make It Last". Typical prog rock ingredients - moody intro, raucous guitar, synth solo, anthem chorus and tempo changes. Get a load of the hyperactive work on the snare and hi-hat!
The 2 days worth of Colossus goodies were from Gordon Band. Cheers!
Thanks too to Bowling Alley DJ, Brian Wilson, for the track.
Click on the review to enlarge.

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