Friday, 13 May 2011


The top item is a good example of what I was saying earlier about getting an idea down when it hits you. These are the original lyrics to "Radio Tay", the song written by Craig Methven when he and the Scrotum Poles were in an Edinburgh recording studio in 1980. Just scrawled on the back of a flyer that was lying around, with an ad for B & R Rugs on the other side! Radio Tay was one of the tracks on their Revelation vinyl EP which has now gone on to become a bit of a collectors item, almost cult status in fact judging by the amount written about it on the Net! Even just recently word came through that the Revelation EP is to be re-produced by an American company, complete with a replica of the original sleeve insert!
Not a record that would have been played on Radio Tay itself of course, but just a couple of years later, Craig found himself making an appearance on the station along with Jock Ferguson after being invited on to have their say on a show called "Not So Much Kid's Stuff" hosted by Sally Masterson. This was in 1982 when Craig & Jock were doing Cranked Up, a time when the fanzine published a few scathing articles about Radio Tay! So they got a wee guest spot which allowed them to mention a few things about the local music scene that the station didn't touch on.
Radio Tay - so near and yet so far away!
Click on the Cranked Up item to read the large version.
Many thanks to Craig.

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