Friday, 20 May 2011


Well here's a gig review that's a wee bit different from the norm.
This was put together by Deadbeat contributor, Hilary. It seems the Immaculate Fools appearance at the Dance Factory in March 1985 was so bad that she couldn't muster the usual kind of account of a live performance, so she just went around some of those who were in the crowd asking for their assessment.
Turned out they had the same opinion!
Amongst the Dundee critics were Ged, Kit & Gary from Danny Wilson, music journalist Bob Flynn, DJ Dave Calikes plus a few others who shared similar viewpoints.
Clearly the band should have presented a show that was a bit more foolproof!


  1. Nah, that review's spot on. They were pish.

  2. I think I was Lorraine. Pished but fair...

  3. I remember that gig. I DJ'd with Dave Calikes that night. He got their manager pissed of by thanking them as the Immaculate Furs - they did sound a bit the same.

    He did a similar thing the night Jonathan Richman played the Dance Factory by playing Roadrunner immediately after his set and introducing it as the only record Jonathan Richman ever made. Got him quite angry.