Monday, 30 May 2011


Around about 1985ish, St Andrew & The Woollen Mill brought out a cassette that chronicled the history of the band. Done in the style of a mock documentary, it had interviews, fly-on-the-wall behind the scenes shenanigans, studio recordings and live recordings. It was put together really well, lasts an hour, and of course being comedy material, is funny all the way through. It's also loaded with references from the early 80's Dundee music scene, as well as mentioning quite a few well known places around town.
To give you a flavour of the content, here below is a recording capturing some of the fun of their live performances.
As a wee reminder, and to help put you in the picture, the mince roll caravan was up the Hulltoon.
The rest should be self explanatory.

Big thanks to Jim.


  1. Never bought into this dross

    Too twee for me.

  2. In comparison to what comedy music act that was on the go at the time?

  3. Genuinely funny man Oor Andy and provided with Mick Marra material has produced clever and hilarious recordings.
    'Twee' isn't a word I would associated with the act (if anything. it's actually cruel) and the Auld Gig Goer was probably on the end of one of Andy's jibes circa 1982, nursing his wrath to keep it warm, hence his puerile comment.
    I did and do find the act funny but I also laughed out loud at Vex gigs in the eighties.
    But who was funnier?
    Probably Vex because they weren't even trying!

  4. I see Vex's name has been dropped as a distraction in the hope that we don't notice you haven't been able to answer my question!
    A bit like a cornered politician trying to wriggle out of an answer on Newsnight!

  5. It wasn't just hilariously funny, it was really smart. The Word on the Pavey album is as valid a contribution to keeping the Dundonian/Scots language alive as anything considered more highbrow, or should I say "hehbroo"...
    But most of all, just a brilliant laugh...

  6. I agree with Torrential Lorraine that The Word On The Pavey is a quality piece of work both lyrically and musically and although eclectic in only appealing to us better types in the Perth Road area, it is indeed, eyebrow comedy.

  7. Speaking as a member of Parker's Bannd/Perfect Strangers who played the Dundee circuit in the early 80's - Forry's, Lochee Utd, The Admiral, Coconut Grove, both DFC and DUFC, The Underground and too many others to mention I would just like to state that we caught SAWM live one night while waiting for our 11:30 spot at the Grove. They absolutely hit our funny bone! I still have a cassette of The Man hissel' in an interview with Ward McGaughran!!!!! Quote Ward "Do you mind if I call you St Andrew?" St A "That's nae problem at aw, Ward - jist wire on in there!" top quality!