Sunday, 8 May 2011


"Dundee's most original New Wave band" - yes that's how The Quick Spurts presented themselves in 1978.
Those involved were Colin Ramsay - Gordon Walker - Forrey Rosscraig - George Barrie - with Gerry Mitchell taking over from Abe McIntosh.
The ticket for the Ardler Community Centre gig with Flux as support, took place on 14th April 1978, and the photos under it were all taken at this gig. You've got to smile at the stepladder being part of the stage decor!
At another Quick Spurts gig in St Andrews University, Gerry was dragged off the stage by some bikers and Colin waded in with his guitar to try rescue him! That's one way for your guitar skills to have an impact on your audience I suppose!!
The band split up soon after, the news cropping up in a fanzine called Kingdom Come, and Colin moved down to London where he joined Afflicted.
Big thanks to Colin Ramsay.


  1. Who's the one that looks like Jon Daly ? I remember a band rehearsinhg in the Ardler CC, and it was a punk band. Good chance it was them it was around 78. I like the ticket where the new member has joined, just put red felt pen through the old guys name, write the new guys name in biro and hey presto, new line up, class. Still leaving the old name there to let everyone know who got punted :) Did he go on to play with List D ?

  2. who's idea was "dundee's most......", what a bunch of gimps, and that's my mum's old phone number, i think most of us became list d, i did, and colin. fanta

  3. You always said you were a punk band. "Dundee's most original new wave band" on a corporate business card! I'm disappointed.

  4. Bobby Gillezpehz8 May 2011 at 11:38

    but punk was SOOOO yesterday ,"new wave" I'm a heavy rocker really, but punks in, sorry , its oot , so i'm new wave now , Hey , the stones are pretty good,

  5. Who is /was Jon Daly? (bunch o gimps)is that you Zippy or Sykes coz aint nobody after that.I swear i know nowt about anyones mums phone numba including urs.peace
    Hey Bobby Gillezphie i seen ur band in Brixton Academy an yes i thought they were the Stone Roses
    that get yer rocks off record ..dude it rawked.

  6. it looks like fanta wrote it as it has him name at the end.

  7. Band o Gimps would be a crakin name for a band,I wish someone would say who Jon Daly is/was still perhaps ignorance = happiness

  8. Fffforrie always thought he was special...ferry mentality, Colin looks like he would rather peddling smack......the pretence is unbelievable