Sunday, 29 May 2011


At long last, the hunt for the remaining members of Country & Western's most notorious combo, The Raunchy Guys, is over. After a lengthy period evading capture, the 2 other music outlaws who were in hiding, have finally been caught.
You may recall a few months ago only 2 of the Rauncheros had been unmasked - Bullet Fritter Snakebelt aka Jim Low & Stompin Hoss aka Gordon Walker - well now I can exclusively reveal the images of the other rhyme syndicate pair.
The top photo is Big Musket Teepee aka Al Hendrickx and below him is The Bear aka Joe Jordan.
You can also see from the shocking candid photo of Bullet Fritter Snakebelt that not only was he a threat to the public, but was also a danger to himself!
At least that's one chapter of local music history we no longer need to worry about.
Time for a celebratory hoedown now!
So go tie your mules to the trough, grab a shot of red-eye, lasso a showgirl and let's get the party started!
Meanwhile, here's a reminder of The Raunchy Guys material and why it was worthwhile tracking them down to prevent such music crimes being repeated - a song called "Washboard Line", which as you'll hear, contains a well known tune that they quite clearly stole then tried to pass off as one of their own.
Shameful stuff, but let's all sing along to it anyway, while they themselves get carted off to San Quentin!
The photos were discovered in a safe belonging to The Bear.


  1. mmm hmmm, yeah

  2. oh i hope meh lad bullet fritter puts on that " yeah" when he returns to Dundee..
    This is band needing to be reformed soon as. !

    lesley g.

  3. Dundee's biggest tubes but songs full of poetic imagery,crippled auld donkeys,spitoons brimmin with whiskey&pish,stinking worn out ponchos,lonely fag bullriders wi broken false teeth&heartache...just like thier stablemate Elvis Wattie Reid they'
    le be sorely missed.

  4. vemot in mah spleen, sweet sheroots

  5. Yon boy in the second fotay looks like the junkie oot "THE SCHEME"

  6. smashin vic, thon's the bear, joe jordan, ee couldna be happiyer


  7. Hell yeah!

  8. Hahaha.....always ahead of our time

  9. You should be dain time we stuff like that like ;)

  10. Another legendary Dundee band. Sadly I never saw them live. :(

  11. I know there are lots of rumours, but what is Big Fez actually doing these days? I can't believe he is a hairdresser in St. Tropez.

  12. Some say he is still selling Alligator Rain.