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Not sure why, but drumming and singing at the same time always seems to be a tougher task than crooning at the piano for example, could be because it's physically more demanding, but anyway, Lloyd Anderson had the job as singing drummer in No Fixed Abode, and his band mates were Lyle Osborne on guitar, with bassist Jed Ward later replaced by Ronnie Boyd.
As well as being regulars on the local music scene in the early 80's, they also made demo recordings, and the track below is taken from one of these original demo tapes.
So the tune I've chosen to play on the Retro Dundee jukebox is called "Wolftime" - one of their rockier numbers.
See how you rate this then!
Big thanks to Ewen.


  1. pish of the highest order.

  2. really sorry to be negative, but as someone said previously, thank god for punk rock - even for the
    80's this stinks.

  3. Come on, you could do better than that.
    Reducing your music critique to "pish" or "shit" repeat loops just doesn't carry any weight. I mean, it's not exactly got you sounding like knowledgeable experts.
    If you don't like it, tell us why, using proper terminology.
    Care to have another go?

  4. what about..
    it's howling!

  5. Nope, you're barking up the wrong tree there.
    Use suitable music phraseology.
    Want to give it another shot?

  6. ok, what about this-
    stereotypical 70's rock riff forgot that punk ever happened and degenerates into a pitiful middle eight that had my 15 year old daughter asking why old people bothered to make music if this was the best they could come up with.. and that was before the guitar solo grated in.
    goes to prove that good musicians do not necessarily know how to write good songs.
    w w w w w w woeful
    w w w w w w wubbish!!

    is that better?

  7. That's a bit more like it.
    It's a comment on the item, rather than just a lazy swipe in the passing!

  8. I used to go and see Lyle at the Union Bar (I think) on Saturdays in the 90's, an amazing guitarist, and he had a good bassist too, the track isnt my thing, but having played for over 35 years and spent a lot more than I should on a nice guitar collection, you have to appreciate natural talent and Lyle has this in barrow loads. Pity he never made it bigger, but I would never have bought this for my record collection :o)

  9. Here's a link to Lloyd, who is still involved in music. It lists the bands he's played with - from The Associates to Lake. Also his TV performances - he was on Def 2!
    He has a 2011 solo cd out too.

  10. Yet another boring "Punk saved the music world" load of crap comment from clearly a non musician.

    As a guitarist and friend of the guys from NFA, I used to really enjoy seeing them live. All talented musicians whose music may not be to everyone's taste but it was delivered professionally and with skill. Which is more than can be said for the useless 3 chord efforts from the Punk contingient. Of course the Punk bands were not going to follow in the steps of bands like Pink Floyd, Zep or anyone else who played large stadiums or farewell gigs - Oh sorry, apart from the Clash and many others.
    Punk destroyed the careers of many good musicians who had worked hard to perfect their art and skill levels over many years.

    To compare the so called ideals of the Punk movement, anybody could just pick up a tennis racket and turn up at the centre court at wimbledon and expect a game(I was going to use the Scotland football team as an example, but that actually might be possible)

    Since when was gobbing on somebody anything to do with the advancement of music? Punk bands were made up of crap musicians who couldn't get a gig in a proper band in my opinion!!

  11. "Punk bands were made up of crap musicians who couldn't get a gig in a proper band in my opinion!!

    written by what sounds like a bitter ageing hippy muso, who was probably too old to understand what punk was all about.
    punk destroyed the careers of many BORING musicians, where self indulgence was rife eg rick wakeman, elp etc., and gave young people an opportunity.
    a lot of punk/new wave/indie was and still is utter rubbish, but without it music would be even duller than it is now.

  12. lloyd Anderson25 May 2011 at 13:29

    Hello ,...just checking this reaches you ...before i address the comments .

  13. lloyd Anderson25 May 2011 at 14:24

    Hello eve' close pal Gary clark highlighted this post , & it's demo to me, & said how much he enjoyed hearing Wolftime again .

    I'd nearly forgotten the demo version which was played directly after a tour up turned our noticably milder than our live version...but afforded me to run around my new Sonor kit ( still have )...pity the sound engineer used reems of Gaffa tape to 'achieve' his drum sound, ha ha .

    In another section of this site ( Help Retro ? )...i discovered several comments , some which were 'personal' to me...& i'll address them up ahead .

    Firstly No Fixed Abode had three versions...

    (1) Lloyd Anderson - lead vocals- Drums-
    -Lyle Osbourne-Lead & Rythm Guitar -
    -Ged Ward- Bass guitar .
    (V2) - as above, but with Raymond Higgins on Bass
    (v3) - as above, but with Ronnie Boyd on Bass .

    I'm gonna thank those guys 'now' for a number of great times together...boy did we have some fun .

    I formed No fixed Abode with Lyle not as a 'post-punk' ( Piffle) band ...we were pre punk & came from such diverse angles as Keith Jarrett-Santana-television-Allman bros'-Micheal Legrand-Steve Hillage-Larry Coryell...Lou Reed-Mahavishnu-Bread-Wishbone Ash...'whom we supported'-Bowie-R T name a few.

    I don't , & will never form bands & or write music to suit 'you''s from the heart, with no record company angles...a 'free-fall approach' in which all genres of music, art etc may have a chance to which challenges myself & others to aspire inside some musical 'honesty'...'anyone'...almost 'anyone' can fit into well trodden 'new music'...whatever the F that is !

    I'm very proud of N F A...who incidentialy played ...
    ...7 nights a week !, doing 'mainly original music' in you know of any other Dundee band who has...or will do this again ?

    We drew big crowds to our gigs & had great passion from both crowds & Musos...
    ...'anyone can be 'negative,...cause it takes no intellect... being creative & 'positive' does !
    It's great that someone has their opinions...i'm a big believer in that...but what gives you the right to disrespect those who feel different on this forum ?

    If you're not interested in this band, don't come here,...take your Knats 'wisdom' & drop it elsewhere !

    As regards a particular 'low blow'...
    ...i join a celebrated crowd of people who have had temporary...
    ... 'mental issues' ...these include- Bowie...Spike Milligan...Dali...Peter green...etc, etc,...
    ...being a Musician in Dundee 'then' & now needs a special kind of focus...there are pressures ( both Artistic, & other ) which can take their toll...i came through that to be not only a better player & writer...but a better person.

    I've since went on to work around the world -
    ( & continue ) being involved in N0 1 projects, with demands for my 'ideas'-Singing , Writing & drumming .
    I don't post these always in the local press !

    With regards to my 'staying' in's a beautiful place / people,... & is more cosmopolitan than eve'r...
    my previous reasons for basing myself here was / is the eternal love for my 4 children...( one who is now in heaven )...her song Eve'rything is released this year raising awareness for amoung others Asthma - Ninewells / UK .
    Feel free to hear a snipet of this, & others at -

    I wish 'all contributers' well, & hope to see you sometime...'look forward to your replys .
    Lloyd Anderson .

  14. thats no you LLLLLoyd , er ken yi canna type :)

  15. Cannae write songs either!!

  16. Fuckin great drumming from Lloyd at the end of that tune there. Anyone who can't appreciate skill like that obviously has cloth ears.

    Bear in mind also that these guys must all have been about 20 then, I'd say that's a pretty accomplished recording they've got there for their age.

  17. Think Lloyd sums it up, this should be a forum for a bit of nostalgia a "catch- up" on times past and contacts lost. Banter, comment, humour great, we all see the world differently. Criticism is fine and opinions are everyones right but like a lot of internet posting the ability to be "anon" means that the profane and the mean spirited can say what they like, no matter how ill informed or downright nasty it may be, protected by their anonymity.
    Retro I sometimes wonder why you bother; to some of the anons out there I really wish you wouldn't bother!

  18. so in effect, what you're saying harty, is posters can only say what you approve of...
    isn't that a form of fascism?
    what i see on here is a reasonable debate-some people like nfa, some don't and some are just having a bit of fun.
    isn't that the whole point?
    also what difference does it make whether it's a name or an anon who post-other than lloyd i don't know who anyone is on here.

  19. Harty (Steve Hart)27 May 2011 at 02:25

    I'll keep this short, I thought I had made clear that i believe everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to express it, all I think I was saying (obviously not clearly enough) was that a bit of moderation in how it is said might be an idea, however one person's idea of a "bit of fun" may well be different from anothers.
    As far as "facism" is concerned,- please there is not enough space here to explain what "facism" is but what it isn't is a plea for people to be reasonable !
    Finally as far as the "anon" bit is concerned I think you would agree that the majority of the really abusive stuff is "anon"- by all means hold and express opinions mild or extreme but at least own them!

  20. I haven't got a problem with folk opting to go "anon". It's their prerogative.
    I do actually know some of the anons who often post specifically to try to get a reaction - riling people as entertainment! Naughty!!
    Some of the other anons are just as a consequence of not being familiar with the comments feature.
    So you can't tar all the anons with the same brush.
    Having said that, there is no doubt most of the more obnoxious comments use the anon option as a wee hidie-hole to chuck their crap from. Choosing to remain anon on these occasions actually suits them. Not wanting to associate themselves with their own crap says it all!
    I usually only delete comments that haven't got anything whatsoever to do with the item or other comments, or if the abuse is taken too far and strays into the tedium zone.
    Being a fair chap though, I am quite lenient.

  21. lloyd Anderson31 May 2011 at 03:25

    Hi...just to say that i've posted a reply in the section which comes up after pressing No Fixed Abode under the song .

    Hi Retro, could you have a look at personal comments addressed to me which 'clearly' have nothing to do with the item / abuse etc .

    'And' what about revealing who 'Retro' is/are ? ha ha .

  22. Hi Lloyd - about any "abuse" comments, when I find a spare moment I'll backtrack on a few posts and do some weeding!

    As regards info about me (Retro - GG), I don't really feel the need to mention that much about myself on Retro because it's all about "Dundee" in the 60's, 70's & 80's, and not me. Having said that, I do actually have a couple of photos up of myself when I was a youngster & the street where I lived.
    In my wee profile box at the top left of the layout, I have stated that I'm a cartoonist, however, I didn't actually do this professionally until the 90's, so I've not allowed my work onto Retro because GG cartoons don't fit in with the Retro decades! Yes I'm banned!! Otherwise, for example, I could have told you about an exhibition I'm in at the V & A in London at the end of the year!!
    I have compromised by putting a link for Cartoonstock on, should anyone wish to investigate further, but it hasn't got anything to do with Retro Dundee, so I choose to keep a low profile and stay in the background for that.
    Like I said in my very first post back in 2008, I'm just sharing a few items I had collected from that era, for those of us who were there to enjoy and reminisce over.

    (By the way, I have a good "drum kit" gag on Cartoonstock which is selling well!!)

  23. Ok, firstly I'm going to respond to all the hateful comments.
    Serge de nime, you have your own opinion and I'm not going to change that, but your opinion isn't common knowledge and other people will not take lightly to what you've said, I feel both Retro and Llyod have done you a favour by not complaining about you lack of courtesy.
    To answer a few Anons now, well I accept you apologised, but throwing an insult and then apologising to them is like killing a man and sending the family roses.
    Now, as a former avid listener of all genres of music, I'm not going to bash Punk at all, I accept anyone willing to go out there and entertain us with music as a musician and while having listened to a few punk bands I decided Punk wasn't my genre, as people have said, it's mostly based around simple riffs and aggressive lyrics that appealed to the rebellious 80/90's children, as a 90's child myself I'll have to go out and say. I never listened to Grunge or Punk as a child, matter of fact, my father was a Country musician as well as an avid guitar player for longer than the likes of Iommi and Page, so I grew up out of whack with what was popular.
    Now I won't bash Grunge at all either, I'm a massive Nirvanna fan, Pearl Jam fan, Soundgarden fan etc. and I think they made good music, but here's what gets me about the grunge and punk attitudes, I hear people saying 'Thank god grunge killed the 80's' or 'Thank god Punk killed metal' et cetera, et cetera.
    No! People who say things such as that make me sick to my stomach, you think music was hostile before punk? Barren?
    You my anonymous friend haven't heard the likes of the true sound of the 80's, it was a good decade for music, underneath the growing punk fandom, I've said before, I'm a 90's kid myself so I can really only base the times on the music I've heard, but good stuff was written in the 80's, good shows were played in the 80's and good musicians like the members of NFA here aspired to keep that sound alive, and can I say they did an amazing job, hearing Lyle on this track is awfully funny, because I look at the man he is now and think how did he grow to be more of a musician than he was 30/40 years ago.
    Right now he's a guitar tutor at my school, Baldragon Academy, where he's helped me along on guitar for maybe 5 years now, I can say we share the same tastes and inspirations and when this track was played to me just the other day I felt in the music that Lyle, Lloyd and the numerous bassist all had the same aspirations as any band of their era, the difference being, some bands got lucky. To use an older example, you'd never image Black Sabbath back then ever becoming one of the most famed bands of the era, what happened to make them what they are, sheer luck, with a bag of talent thrown in, and magical things happen..
    If you hate the 80's so much, you've been listening to the wrong bands I'm afraid.
    To address the 3rd anon comment, well the fact you take your young daughters opinions on 80's music, after one single listen, to heart means you've got one, to say the most, weak opinion. To have your pop-culture daughter come by and insult the talent of this band is ridiculous, no one and no one from this time will EVER play a good song, so why are you and your daughter so engrossed in it, because you'll honestly never find another Brad Delp or Neil Schon if that's what you're looking for in this generation.

  24. And to address a comment stating 'Punk gave young people an opportunity'.
    An opportunity to do what?
    No one from a punk band has practiced solidly for years on guitar and I know this because none of them can write a solo that has technique or feeling.
    No singer from a punk band has thought to himself, 'Am I singing here, or am I shouting about my feelings?'.
    No punk drummer has sat back at his drum kit and said 'This isn't designed to make mindless noise, drumming shouldn't irritate anyone'.
    I'd rather they WORKED HARD for their chance to become big, people like Vai or Malmsteen sat in their rooms hours and hours on end perfecting their technique, dedicated their whole lives to it, and to think you'd shove people like that aside to 'give the kids a good stab at it' is not selfless, it's selfish.

    And now for my opinions on the band, if you've decided to read this far.
    Singing and drumming?! Llyod, you're amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and while you don't have the voice of an angel you have a tenacious one, you remind me a lot of bands like Scorpions and Ratt (Don't let first impressions deceive you, Ratt are pretty amazing, give them a shot if you've not heard of them, I'm sure they're from your time as well).
    Lyle, what can I say, you've improved so much in 30 years, and while you're no Tipton or Batio you can go out there and play with the best of them, if you guys pulled this band back together just think how many times greater it'd be.

    And to address retro Dundee directly, where can I find more of this music?
    There a particular page I can go to? How can I contact the members to say they've wrote an amazing song and I want to hear more of them.
    That's all.

    I've tried to stay fairly neutral but no doubt someone while poke jabs at my age and 'how I don't know anything about music' because I wasn't there, but degrading your argument to that is just hastily throwing up the white flag.

  25. As far as I know, this is the only No Fixed Abode track on the internet, but if you want to email me, I do have other NFA songs I can let you hear.
    You can also check out Lloyds own website for some of his more recent work.

  26. Lloyd Anderson4 July 2011 at 13:41

    Hi Folks...nice to read of your comments...& also the 'positivity' toward N F A .

    Thanks to Steve , Ewan , & the 'positive' Anons.etc..
    ...with regard to N F's important to get in touch with me 'Directly' re other recordings...
    you' can reach me at...


    It's funny...sometimes it's been said that i have the voice of an angel...ha ha ...but don't forget that ...' Wolftime ' was written to touch on the subject of vegetarianism...( long before the great Morrissey ) & within a rock mode, it would have seemed a tad strange if i kept my voice in a gentle tone !

    I visited the Blues fest this weekend...& was stopped a few times by people asking about my new songs / N F A / Lake , & many others...'thanks' for your input & passion..." any genre of music only 'truly' begins when it touches a heart "

    I welcome 'you' to get in touch...& it's particularly gratifying to know that 'after all this time' new generations of people are enjoying N F A .

    Positives , Lloyd .

  27. Here everyone who has put a bad comment on this i know the guitarist from wolf time he comes to my school he is a great guitarist and his band was a class act oh and another thing people who leave a bad comment are just jealous cause they cant play guitar as good as him and his band

  28. To correct you, above anon comment, the band is No Fixed Abode, the song is called Wolftime.
    Also, jealousy doesn't play a part in everything, it's all a matter of opinion.
    Also... I think I know who wrote that.. What can I say, you're a bit late to comment, Lyle showed you the song like a month ago =P

    And on a side note, I should make an account and follow this blog.