Friday, 29 April 2011


Bart and Lisa would have enjoyed this place - Simpson's Sweetie Shop on the corner of Graham Place and Princes Street.
The picture was taken in 1979, and although there is still a corner shop at this location, it isn't this one anymore.
On the subject of sweeties, anybody remember Ross's Chocolate Puff Candy? Same as a Crunchie but about the size of brick! Here's an ad for it from the 60's. It's black & white but my memory has it as being a red and yellow wrapper.



  1. Was it just me, or did anybody else indulge in the fine art of nibbling off all the chocolate on a Club biscuit, to leave only the biscuit inside remaining?

  2. Yep, me too.... Shame they are not like that now ! I used to love going to my grans, as she would have a tin full of different type's of Club biscuits.

  3. Ah, glad to know this kid's skill was passed around.
    Then there was the other one of delicately picking the chocolate off a chocolate mallow until all there was left was an uncoated mallow on a biscuit. The knack of that one to first gently tap it until a few cracks appeared...the rest was just down to nimble plucking!

  4. I used to do this with mars bars in the days when they were double coated (a smooth coat to hold the sticky stuff together and an outer coating with the ripple on top) delish. I remember puff candy but it was never wrapped and was sold in all the wee sweetie shops on blackness road, there might have been a local maker as the stuff was on trays, still rotted your teeth though : )

  5. There was a Dentist's just a couple of doors down from the Sweetie Shop, so they probably did a good bit of biz!
    It seems almost parasitic now!

  6. Bring back M.B bars !! lesley g.

  7. yeah, I remember Puff Candy Used to buy them at the local swimming baths in Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire.