Sunday, 5 April 2009


The Caird Hall's wee sister next door. Room for around 400/500.
In the mid 70's this place was bustling with Soul crews who organised Northern Soul All-nighters. The Marryat then gained quite a reputation for being one of the better venues on the Soul circuit and was visited by enthusiasts from all over the UK.
Moving into the late 70's - early 80's, the Marryat hosted a spate of indie and rock gigs. Some of the acts that performed live were - Theatre of Hate - Echo & the Bunnymen - Girlschool - Rezillos - Hanoi Rocks, to name just a few.I remember the Echo & the Bunnymen gig played some great music before and after the fine set by the Liverpool lads, but I can't now recall if it was a DJ in the Hall or a selection of tracks blasting out the bands PA.
Anyway, there are some cool images taken at this Bunnymen gig to be found on Flickr. Here is the link.

And finally, a wee reminder for all vinyl addicts - yes we've not been killed off just yet - there are regular Record Fairs held at the Marryat Hall too. What better way to spend your time, and dosh!!

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  1. Yes I was at that Echo gig. Hot and sticky and wonderful.