Sunday, 5 April 2009


The Caird Hall's wee sister next door. Room for around 400/500.
In the mid 70's this place was bustling with Soul crews who organised Northern Soul Allnighters. The Marryat then gained quite a reputation for being one of the better venues on the Soul circuit and was visited by enthusiasts from all over the UK.
To see some original 70's soul footage from Dundee, check out this link below to take you to the Fintry Community Centre and join the Young Soul Rebel Squad in action.

Moving into the late 70's - early 80's, the Marryat hosted a spate of indie and rock gigs. Some of the acts that performed live were - Theatre of Hate - Echo & the Bunnymen - Girlschool - Rezillos - Hanoi Rocks, to name just a few.
I remember the Echo & the Bunnymen gig played some great music before and after the fine set by the Liverpool lads, but I can't now recall if it was a DJ in the Hall or a selection of tracks blasting out the bands PA.
Anyway, there are some cool images taken at this Bunnymen gig to be found on Flickr. Here is the link.

And finally, a wee reminder for all vinyl addicts - yes we've not been killed off just yet! - there are regular Record Fairs held at the Marryat Hall too. What better way to spend your time, and dosh!!

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  1. Yes I was at that Echo gig. Hot and sticky and wonderful.